About Us

Ceesay’s Ent is an online platform where you can purchase affordable, stylish, beautiful clothing and accessories for you. Our main priorities is to offer the customers options and choices, therefore taking away all your issues when it comes to fashion and being stylish. My inventory will not ask for any alteration before or after a customer buys any item on the website. We want our customers to have an online outlet for them to be able to purchase all their apparels and accessories for an affordable price. We cater for both men and women and also kids from all ages.


This business is set in honor of my father who was diagnosed with cancer for many years and later passed away. My late dad’s illness wasn’t detected earlier enough because of the lack of medical resources and the lack of qualified doctors. This business is dedicated to my father because he was an international tailor who dedicated his life in sewing beautiful, professional clothing and accessories.

I intended to set this business to start a charity organization in order to help cancer research and treatment for the less privileged countries like my country, The Gambia. The main purpose of this business is for the profits to be donated to all the countries that are having this problem. We as are company would not be able to do this alone so we are calling you in to support and healthy cause.


My vision is to help individuals and prospective customers to have an online boutique store and eventually a store front that will provide different quality brands at affordable prices. This will enable my customers to save money from not going through altering their new outfits before and after purchase. I would also like give my customers an internet outlet just for their shopping needs. Ceesay Enterprise online store will offer customers a worry free, safe and secure shopping needs. Our customers will be able to shop whenever they want without having to wait at the checkout lane. Customers will be provided different options in clothing and accessories for their fashion needs.

What makes us special is that we offer exclusive discounts and also FREE SHIPPING on all orders despite where you are at. Please check us out on Instagram, Facebook and twitter to also be part of the family.